05 Oct 2017


  A process is defined as a co-ordiated step of activities that executed in sequence would deliver output or outcome that brings value to the customer. The 4 characterstics to a process are Respond to a trigger Primary Stakeholders are happy and satisfied Delivers specific results Measurable A process gets activiated by responding to a […]

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28 Sep 2017

The Process Model

As the figure depicts, there are 3 elements-Process Control, Process, Enablers. A process gets activated by responding to a trigger and requires certain Inputs and which when processed, deliver Outputs that meets the business requirements. Reports would be made available to relevant stakeholders after agreeing to the format and frequency. Process Control-The Process Owner is […]

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27 Sep 2017

Resource & Capabilities- The Service Assets

  Resource and Capabilities are the enablers in a Process Model. Resource are those that goes direct into Production viz., Financial Capital, Infrastructure, Application, Information & People. They are tangible. Raw data when processed becomes information. This can be executed by People under Resource who are mostly freshers and with less experience, competencies and skillsets. […]

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26 Sep 2017

The 4 Ps in Service Design

    The 4Ps of Service Design in IT Service Management People should be from both Resource & Capabilities. People under Resource would normally be freshers with very little experience but competent of delivering services as required by the business. People under Capabilities would be competent to delegate tasks to people under Resource. They form […]

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25 Sep 2017

The difference between SLC & Capability Modules in ITIL®

In my experience and in the capacity of a trainer, I have come across lot many participants seeking clarity on what stream they should opt for after ITIL Foundation. I ask them their profile and then go on to explain the following There are two streams offered – one the Service Life Cycle (SLC) and […]

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18 Aug 2017

The Road Map to ITIL® Qualifications

ITIL is a globally accepted Best Practice Framework for delivering IT services cost effectively and efficiently. It has 26 processes & 4 Functions that has been tested on different type of organizations-Small, Medium & large. Since Information Technology is very much part and parcel of any vertical, possessing certification in this framework can spiral ones career.

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